Hot Interest Trips (HIT)

Excelling in board service goes beyond corporate governance and compliance. It includes staying on top of the latest business trends and economic developments that impact companies.

This is where Hot Interest Trips (Business Field Trips) come in…

These trips provide members the opportunity to:

  • Stay on top of their game

  • Explore other business models and technologies

  • Discuss trends & developments in other industries with senior executives

  • Ask in-depth questions and exchange ideas in a trusted setting

We are thankful to our generous hosts for welcoming us with open arms.

Roche – The Future of Personalized Healthcare

Thanks to Virginia Macsuibhne, Roche’s Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer, for the private demo of the latest of medical diagnostics and life-saving technologies.

Fun facts about Roche:

    1. $60 billion in revenue including $13 billion in diagnostics (in 2019)
    2. 21 billion tests using Roche Diagnostics products
    3. 83 million tests to diagnose heart attacks
    4. 17 million HPV tests
    5. 90 million tests to diagnose and manage HIV
    6. 84 million blood donation tests
Roche Image

Equinix – Data Center Platform

Directors League was thrilled to take a behind-the-scenes look at one of Equinix’s world-class data centers. Thanks to Peter Van Camp, Executive Chair, and Bill Strong, Regional Vice President IBX Operations -West, for hosting us.

Fun facts about Equinix:

      1. 67 straight quarters of revenue growth (the longest record for any S&P 500 company)
      2. Is the world’s largest IBX data center and colocation provider
      3. Has 203 data centers in 52 metro centers in 24 countries on 5 continents
equnix photo 01
Equi Photo 04

Waymo – Alphabet’s moonshot in Autonomous Vehicles

Directors League was privileged to hear Tekedra Mawakana, Chief External Officer of Waymo, share her thoughts on autonomous vehicles.

Fun facts about Waymo:

      1. Total # of self-driven miles on public roads for Waymo vehicles: 10 Million
      2. Total # of miles driven in simulation: 10 BILLION
      3. Average # of self-driven miles per day for Waymo vehicles: 25K
      4. # of different driving scenarios Waymo has tested on their private test track: 20K
      5. # of U.S. cities where Waymo has driven: +25
waymo Image 001

TEKEDRA MAWAKANA | Chief External Officer, Waymo

Chronicle, Alphabet’s moonshot in Cybersecurity

Thanks to Chronicle, a Google Cloud company, for graciously hosting Directors League for a demo of Backstory by Mike Wiacek and Shapor Naghibzadeh. Backstory is a cybersecurity tool for investigating incidents and hunting for threats in a network at the speed of a Google search. Get the story on Backstory.

Mike and Shapor were part of Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG), co-founded Chronicle and helped build Backstory. Their team was featured in Wall Street Journal’s profile of how TAG protects Google’s infrastructure.

Special shout out to Jan Kang, Ben Heben and Maya Agrawal for a fantastic visit.

MIKE WIACEK | Chief Security Officer and Co-Founder, Chronicle

hit img012

SHAPOR NAGHIBZADEH | Co-Founder, Chronicle

hit img011

BEN HEBEN | CFO, Chronicle • KIM LE | Founder, Directors League • JAN KANG | Chief Legal Officer, Chronicle •
MIKE WIACEK | Chief Security Officer and Co-Founder, Chronicle

hit img007

PETER VAN CAMP | Executive Chairman, Equinix • KIM LE | Founder, Directors League • BEN HEBEN | CFO, Chronicle