Inspired by Service,
Fulfilled by Fellowship

Welcome to Directors League!

Directors League is the peer-to-peer community exclusively of board directors currently serving on public company boards.


The trusted peer-to-peer community bonding corporate board directors currently serving publicly traded companies

All industries,
men and women
A pan-industry,
all gender
Exclusively for current board directors
serving on publicly traded companies
(US and international)
of well-respected
public company
corporate directors
Stronger than “connected” bonded by
Critical in order to share openly
and have in-depth discussions
trust and
Shared interests, activities
and experiences


Corporate directors helping peers excel in board service

To influence
Promote informed decision-making for
directors motivated to continuously improve
their board performance
practices Practical application of policy; how-to advice;
experiences as applied in real life situations;
not direct policy setting
by uniting and
amplifying the
Collective strength and experience of peers to
create powerful wisdom
of public company
corporate directors
Current directors serving on publicly traded
companies. Members are grandfathered to stay
for 12 months after leaving last public board.

More than any other time in history, collectively, we have the ability to imagine and create our future. We can shape our community. Can you imagine what this vibrant community of corporate directors feels like, looks like, and sounds like?

Who is in our community?

Men and women who are respected by their peers and in their industry. Thoughtful thinkers recognized for their professional accomplishments. People with a wide range of life experiences to share. Colleagues representing different sectors of Silicon Valley. Most importantly, we are high integrity and generous people.

The collective wisdom of our members combine to influence and represent the diverse voices of Silicon Valley and globally.

What does this community feel like?

It’s a cozy reunion of good friends and acquaintances. It’s the warmth of banter and lightness of laughter. It’s an exciting buzz of activity and energy connecting us with each other. It’s the fun of meeting someone new or interesting in a friendly environment. It’s a safety net to reach for during challenging times.

What does this community look like?

It’s a friendly crowd of people who we know and recognize, or want to meet. It’s colleagues mingling and eager to greet each other. It’s people hugging each other, shaking hands, and smiling when they see each other. It’s animated faces and hand gestures in conversation.

What does this community sound like?

It’s the chatter of greeting new acquaintances and long-time friends. It’s the murmur of conversation as we catch up on our lives. It’s the laughter of shared jokes and light-hearted teasing. It’s the clinking of glasses as we celebrate our accomplishments and milestones. It’s the passionate yet civil debate as we share differing points of view. It’s the silence of deep listening when one of us shares a personal story.

Thanks to our members, that vision of the trusted peer-to-peer community of corporate directors currently serving on public boards has actualized and is gaining momentum.

Inspired by service; fulfilled by fellowship.


Kim Le, Founder

Target Audience

Current public company corporate directors motivated to continuously
improve their board contribution

A Thriving Community