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Continuously improve public company board performance through peer-to-peer exchange and interactive learning


Welcome to Directors League!

Directors League is an inclusive and diverse community of currently active board directors serving on publicly traded companies with a shared interest to elevate their board performance.  Through discussions, interactive learning and real-world scenarios, Directors League provides practical application of policy, how-to advice, and first-hand experience in real life situations.

Why us?

3 Reasons to Join Today

  • Interactive training
  • Curated events around emerging business trends
  • Peer-to-peer events to build your personal mentor and advisor network
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    Relevant and timely discussions around board issues including
  • cybersecurity
  • shareholder activism
  • corporate governance
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    Trusted environment for candid, honest conversations with your peers of active publicly traded company board members who have shared interests

    Companies Represented


    General Counsel,</br>Chronicle

    Thank you for putting together such an incredibly informative and fun event.

    Jan Kang
    General Counsel,
    Chief Executive Officer, </br> Synaptics </br> Board Director,</br>Ubiquiti

    I thought this was both fun and useful! Great way to learn and tremendously fun interactions!

    Michael Hurlston
    Chief Executive Officer,
    Board Director,
    Board Director,<br> Box, Norton Lifelock

    What a useful evening! It was so valuable to hear about the available resources such as the local FBI contact.

    Sue Barsamian
    Board Director,
    Box, Norton Lifelock
    Founder & General Partner, </br> Benhamou Global Ventures </br> Board Director,</br> Finjin Bank,</br> Silicon Valley Bank

    Watch testimonial

    Eric Benhamou
    Founder & General Partner,
    Benhamou Global Ventures
    Board Director,
    Finjin Bank,
    Silicon Valley Bank
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